President Jack Gose, APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter, AFL-CIO, speaks from the podium to 52 Executive Board members and honored guests at the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans (FLARA) Annual Legislative Conference, held in the Ramada Inn Ballroom, 2900 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32303 on Mon., Mar. 1, 2005. (Photo taken by Tony Kiwak, FLARA Legislative Director)

Most active and retiree APWU dues paying members and their families are busy people with jobs, home life, shopping, going to school or college, involved in sports and/or recreational activities, health concerns, vacations, hobbies, and everyday living. One day while surfing the internet on my HP Pavilion mx703 computer and researching a subject to be included in an article for the Florida Postal Worker, I discovered a fantabulous, terrific Search Engine aggregator,
www.mrsapo.com (the Spanish Frog). You can use it to access over 150 search engines from one single search engine page window, without having to go to every single search engine website. We found there are six (6) separate Mr. Sapo search engine divisions to choose from on the same page.

(1) WEB: To seek info on the web, you just type in a query in Mr. Sapo’s blank search bar at the top of the page when it opens up, highlight or select the words of your query, press Edit on the Menu bar and click on Copy, and then click on whatever search tool button below you would like to get results from, such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AOL, A9, Exalead, DogPile, Vivisimo, LookSmart, Snap, Teoma, AllTheWeb, Altavista, Ixquick, Mamma, MetaCrawler, or Gigablast, a short list of most popular search engines on the web.

To research more search engine sites, just click on MORE and a new page will open up, then click on the search tool button below for Clusty, Wisenut, EntireWeb, Alexa, Accoona, UncoverTheWeb, DonBusca, Netscape, Lycos, IceRocket, Search, SurfWax, BananaPile, Kazazz, GenieKnows, Use, FindForward, AllTheInternet, iZito, 100, Miva, or PreviewSeek, other leading search engines. When you switch to another page, the words of your query will disappear from Mr. Sapo search bar, highlight or clear the bar by clicking in the blank space and then press on Edit on Menu bar at top and click on Paste, and the words of your query will reappear. You can use this shortcut each time you switch from one Division to another or one page to another.

(2) BLOGS OR PEOPLE: Click on Blogs division at top of the page, and then press down on button below for Technorati, Google, Feedster, IceRocket, Blogdigger, BlogPulse, LSBlogs, Findory or Blogwise, just a few of several outstanding search engine blogsites.

(3) IMAGES OR WATCH: If you are interested in checking out pictures, click on Images division at top of page, and then press the search tool button below for Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Getty, PicSearch, Ditto, MSOffice, Excite, Barry’s, FreeNet, Gograph, Webshots, Cydral, Fazzle, FindForward, or Flickr, some of the Images best search engines.

(4) AUDIO: Click on Audio/Video division at top of page, and then press the search tool button below for Singing Fish, GraceNote, or MusicRobot for a few Audio search engines.
VIDEO: Press the search tool button for IMDB (Movie Data Base) or Truveo, examples of Video search engines.

(5) REFERENCE: Click on Reference division at top of page, and then press the search tool button below for Answers, Encarta, Infoplease, or Wikipedia, examples of many reference search engines to choose from.

(6) NEWS: Click on News division at top of page, and then press the search tool button below for World News, BBC, CNN, Washington Post, Time, NY Times, LA Times, US News or Reuters, just a few of the worldwide news search engines included in the wonderful
www.mrsapo.com unusual multi-purpose search engine conglomerate.

I am an Editor of the Suncoast Retirees Chapter News and a member of the APWU National Postal Press Association (PPA), and Mr. Sapo has become my favorite search engine portal, as it allows quick, easy comparisons of the results of the same search on virtually any of the top 100 search engines in the Universe! We recommend everyone broaden your outlook on life, and utilize our friend, Mr. Sapo (the Spanish Frog), to get your answers from one page with only the click of a mouse!


An APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter FREE luncheon for each Retiree Chapter member paying Retiree union dues to the National APWU Retirees Dept. of $24.00 year and one guest, limit of two per family, attending the Retirees Luncheon to be held in West Palm Beach, FL from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the day before the APWU of Florida Spring Seminar begins in March, 2006 at the same Hotel where the semi-annual conclave is held for educational classes for active and retiree APWU members. Retiree Happy folders will be distributed to all those in attendance, and everyone is invited!


The 3RD Biennial APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter Convention will convene at the APWU of Florida State Convention Hotel in Daytona Beach, Fl. at 1 p.m. and adjourn promptly at 4 p.m. on the day before the APWU of Florida Convention from Thursday thru Saturday in May, 2006. More information on the dates and name and location of the Convention Hotel will be listed elsewhere in this issue.
Preparations have been made for the APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter to pay for a free luncheon for each APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter member registering as a Retiree Delegate and one family guest in attendance for the Convention. The luncheon is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Hotel Restaurant.

Nominations and elections of Chapter Officers will be held during the business session on Wednesday afternoon. The Offices are President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Legislative Director, and two Trustees. A Chapter constitutional amendment will be introduced to add Health Plan Director and Benefits Director as elected positions on the Executive Board. Cash Door Prizes totaling $100.00 will be awarded to five (5) lucky Retirees, limited to one per family. Freebies, give-a-ways, and historical gifts will entertain those in attendance.

Our invited guest speaker at the Retirees luncheon and the Retirees Convention will be one of the National APWU Officers attending the Biennial APWU of Florida State Convention for active and retiree members. APWU of Florida Area Local/Local Presidents will be mailed blank APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter Delegate credentials. Contact President Jack Gose, home telephone 727-343-2998 or E-mail to
jak.gose@excite.com if you have any suggestions, questions or comments.

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