APWU "Jack Gose" State of Florida Retiree Chapter 2014 Convention

APWU "Jack Gose" State of Florida Retiree Chapter

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Written by david bernstein   
APWU "Jack Gose" State of Florida Retiree Chapter
WELCOME TO DAVE’S RETIREE’S CORNER:  By David Bernstein, President APWU “Jack Gose” State of Florida Retiree Chapter.
BREAKING NEWS! As of today 5/29/14, the AFL-CIO has Endorsed the APWU's boycott of Staples, Inc., Office Supply Stores in the U.S.A., Staples.com & Staples Advantage.  The boycott also covers all Staples branded proprietary products.
RETIREE CONVENTION REPORT:  Our newly elected Board Consists of:
President                               David Bernstein
Vice Pres.                              Victoria Alicea
Secretary/Trustee                 Warren Pearlman
Treasurer                               Jeffrey Pearlman
Legislative Director              Corless Ball
On the 28th of April we convened at 10am…we had 12 voting Delegates and 3 guests.  Our National Retiree Director, Judy Beard, addressed our convention representatives & informed us that the Retirees were the 2nd Largest Unit in the APWU with 41,000 members and growing.  Also in attendance was Elizabeth Bobo, our elected Southern Region Retirees’ Coordinator…covering one of five regions in the U.S. Steve Morris, the Host Local President also stopped by to wish us a good convention.
A lot was accomplished…including the adoption of an amended constitution...and the election of 3 additional Representatives to go to the National Retiree’s Convention in Chicago.  Regarding the constitution, I wish to personally thank Laura Ross, who chaired the Constitution Committee, as well as the rest of the committee (comprised of Jeff Pearlman, Richard Phillips) who worked tirelessly on this project.  They all devoted a great deal of time and effort on it.
As has become the “custom” here at the State level…all the delegates and guests were treated to a complimentary lunch.
It is hoped that future convention and seminars will be better attended.
RETIREE MEMBERSHIP CARDS: It seems that there was an error in the printing of the Retiree Membership cards & they are in the process of reprinting them.  We are told that we may have them by the end of July.
CONFERENCE CALLS:  On a recent Conference Call of Retirees with National, President Mark Dimondstein promised that there will be at least one retiree representative present on ALL national convention committees in Chicago.
ARA – Alliance for Retired Americans: The ARA recently held their National Convention at which they donated a table to APWU Retiree’s to man in order to inform its members about the need to boycott Staples….Thanks ARA.
IMPORTANT FOR ALL VOLUNTARY EARLY OUT RETIREES who went out on the last early out…make sure that you got your last payment which came out on the 23rd of May. If you did not file P.S Form 3077 to have your check mailed to you, you had to go pick it up at your last place of employment.  Anyone having any difficulty can call 1-866-974-2733.