President Bill Clinton To Address All-Craft Conference IN LAS VEGAS, NV ON MON., NOV. 5
Former President Bill Clinton will speak at the APWU’s All-Craft Conference on Monday, Nov. 5, about the 2008 presidential campaign and the important role working people can play in determining the future direction of our nation.
“We are honored to have President Clinton as our guest at this important meeting of union activists,” said APWU President William Burrus. “We look forward to hearing his unique perspective on the 2008 election.
“This is an excellent opportunity for APWU members to become engaged in the presidential campaign. I encourage all conference participants to attend.”
Clinton will address delegates in the Conrad Room at the Hilton Center in Las Vegas. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. (Pacific Time).
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President Jack Gose from South Pasadena and Secretary-Treasurer Mario Miceli from Clearwater are the elected Retiree delegates from Florida representing the 3,000 dues paying member APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter, AFL-CIO, at the National APWU Retirees Dept. Conference to be held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Pavilion 6 Room, 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109. The Retirees Conference is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 5-6, 2007 and the APWU All Crafts Conference continues on Wed. and Thur., Nov. 7-8, 2007. At least two other APWU Retiree Delegates from Florida are Dave Bernstein from Tampa, Legislative Director, APWU of Florida Executive Board, and Valentine Serpico, President from Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Area Local Retiree Chapter, APWU # 1201.
The Retirees Conference agenda according to National APWU Retirees Director Douglas Cowan Holbrook who is retiring from his office in November, 2007 is as follows:
1. Legislative issues for Retirees and activity of Bills in Congress relating to the issues we developed during the APWU 17th Biennial National Convention in Philadelphia, Pa.
2. Two hours will be devoted to retirement seminars and issues facing retirees at the Shared Services of the U.S. Postal Service.
3. Grassroots of Retirees as suggested by Local Chapters.
4. New procedure of payment of Chapter rebates.
5. Inactive Chapters.
6. Free membership for new retirees for 2008.
7. How to Develop and utilize a Retiree's news service at the Local Level.
8. Additional items which will be added by Local and State Chapters and members in attendance.
9. Report of Local and State Chapters of all activities of the Chapters.
All Crafts workshops are scheduled for the next two days at the Las Vegas Hilton and Convention Center. There is a General Session and a wide assortment of classes including interesting subjects such as Dealing with Difficult People and The Art of Compromise. The Installation of newly elected National APWU Officers, including our incoming Retirees Director Judy Beard and Dinner Dance will be held on Thurs., Nov. 8, 2007 from 5:30 p.m. to 11 pm. We will be returning to Florida on a non-stop Red Eye flight at 11:30 pm, weary and refreshed with many new ideas shared by all the Retirees meetings in the Desert. We look forward to a greater future for all APWU Retirees in 2008. JACK GOSE, Editor
July 25, 2007

Douglas Cowan Holbrook, Director
APWU Retirees Department,
1300 L Street, N.W. 20005

Dear Doug,

In response to your query concerning “grass roots” legislative program within the National APWU Retirees Department for all our dues paying Retirees, the following information and comments are offered:

1. Encourage all the APWU Retirees, Local and State Retiree Chapters to get involved with the Local and State Alliance for Retired Americans Chapters in the Legislative area, affiliate the APWU Local Retiree Chapters and APWU State Retiree Chapters with their State ARA organizations (30 States now have ARA Charters). We have been involved with the ARA since the beginning in 2001, it works!

Tampa Area Local Retiree Chapter #259, Florida Suncoast Area Local Retiree Chapter #1228, and APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter are affiliated with their Florida Alliance for Retired Americans State non-profit organization (FLARA). Three of our APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter officers serve as elected officers on the FLARA Executive Board which meets quarterly at different locations around the State of Florida with other International AFL-CIO union officers and Community based groups to promote friendly legislation and help defeat unfriendly laws.

2. Encourage all the APWU Retirees, Local and State Retiree Chapters to get involved with the National Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) non-profit organization (3.4 million dues paying members) in Washington, D.C. As an active partner with ARA, encourage APWU Retirees to go online to the APWU and ARA websites to learn how they can help with both organizations legislative programs. Alliance for Retired Americans annual dues for both member and spouse are only $10.00 year.

The National Alliance for Retired Americans Legislative Conference to be held in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Hilton Hotel from Sept. 4-7, 2007 brings together the nation’s Retirees to plan our Legislative agenda and lobby our Congress on the Hill. Every APWU Retiree should be encouraged to register or at least attend this annual conclave! We look forward to being with you at the Hilton.

3. Encourage all the APWU Retirees, Local and State Retiree Chapters to get involved with their AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils and State AFL-CIO, and affiliate the APWU Local and State Retiree Chapters. Stimulate APWU Retirees to attend State AFL-CIO meetings, caucuses, and annual Conventions to broaden the Retiree Legislative agenda. Retirees should be encouraged to join Union Labor picketing and demonstrations to get involved with Legislative efforts.

4. Educate the APWU Local and State Retiree Chapters on setting up their own APWU Retiree internet website to inform active and retiree members and families on Retiree information. The cost for setting up such a site is negligible, and it is easy to maintain. Retirees are never too old to learn new ways to connect online to Legislation Do’s and Don’ts. Promoting legislation online makes a lot of sense!

We hope this helps to stir the pot, In Real APWU Retiree Solidarity,

Jack Gose, President, APWU of Florida State Retiree Chapter and Vice President of FLARA
6839 Park Street So., South Pasadena, FL 33707-2123 Tel: 727-343-2998

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